You’ve seen them on TV and magazine covers. You’ve seen them topless at the pool, the ball game and maybe even your kitchen table. You probably have one living in your house. Heck, you might even sleep next to one… Daniel Tubman (Reno Collier) donates his body, story AND soul to science in this hysterical, off-the-wall, yet insightful journey that follows the highs and lows of what makes a Dad Bod. Dan’s annual physical becomes a teaching moment for the audience, as his doctor encourages him to break the stereotype of swallowing and hoarding emotions – to unleash the honest, yet often embarrassing stories that affect a man’s heart, mind and specifically – body. You’ve giggled when you see one in public, share TikTok’s highlighting their allure and can hardly turn away when faced with one in their natural habitat… Whether you like it or not…make room for the Dad Bod.