A Story of Love Nashville on Valentine’s Night February 14, 2024 combines the immersive storytelling of live theater and the intimacy of a singer-songwriter show experience.

Play Love Song Trivia along with ticket holders and interact with special guests in Imprompt U while writing your very own love song.

Story of Love –

A Story of Love with awarded songwriter Amanda Colleen Williams takes you on a journey through love’s ups and downs in a one-woman show that has audiences laughing, crying and singing along.

Love Song Trivia & Special Guests –

Play along with Music-City-ology, song trivia highlighting legendary songs, artists and the songwriters who made them.

Imprompt U & Special Guests

Immerse yourself into a live Nashville songwriting session where you become an active contributor in a song crafting experience with the whole audience.

Learn more about the show at BestEntShow.com and AmandaColleenWilliams.com.